Start-Up Financing Models

Custom-built models for growing companies
seeking to raise capital

A financial model built specifically for projections on how your business will make money and spend money while increasing value for investors.

TILT Analytics helps a variety of businesses with financial modeling for raising venture capital / startup funding and private equity partnerships. Built in Excel, your model can be easy to use, yet also capture all the complexities of your business.

TILT builds models for companies in Fintech, Software & Applications (SAAS), Distressed Debt, Restaurants, Retail, Equipment Leasing, Bank Lending, Digital Advertising, Manufacturing & Distribution, Auto Financing, Amusement Parks & Leisure Attractions, Medical Devices, Tech Hardware, Subscription-based businesses, or any other industry.


Custom Interface

Inputs specifically tailored to the business and the way the business owner wants to interact with them


Business Analytics

Such as unit economics, sensitivities, charts, and more


Financial Statements

Income statement and cash flow statement, dynamically tied together to respond to input changes


Investor Returns

Show the investor how their money is being spent and what will be their return on investment


Because TILT Start-Up Models are bespoke for your business, they are time-intensive to build. We start with a TILT-made template that provides the structure for the model which allows us to speed up the process and save you money; however, there is usually approximately 25+ hours of custom work involved, and the final cost is typically $3k-$5k. 

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